Can you believe it?

Chickens in their new domeSo, for some time now I have been getting 1, maybe 2 eggs, but usually none from my chickens. Which is fair as it has been a really cold winter.

Now to make a short story really long… yesterday my new chicken dome was ready to go – in place, operational door, canvas cover, roost – the result? Me = super excited!! Step 1, I locked all the chickens in my chicken run and then using food caught the ones I wanted in the dome one by one. Needless to say they was some pkarking and flying feathers.  After all the drama I thought, oh well there go the few eggs I was getting.

This morning I head out bright and early to feed chickens and see how they are enjoying their new dome. And… as a thank you present and a “we love our new home” token – there are 3 eggs in the lawn catcher nest box!!!  By tonight I had another 2 in the dome and 3 in the chicken run from the other chickens!! Omelet anyone??

In other news my cauli finally has a teeny, tiny head and my kale is still going strong!!


Have an eggscellent day everyone!!


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