Kim’s Kai sprang out of a desire to grow and share both my experience and fresh, organic, delicious food with others beyond my family and neighbours.

I live on just over an acre of land in rural NZ and have been in this particular spot for just over 12 years. I grew up on a farm, had my own garden (and a river to swim in!!), then left it all to train as a teacher. After much searching I found this piece of paradise and have finally returned to the land and my roots.

I am an avid gardener and permaculturist and love spending my time outdoors – rain or shine – actually, walking in the rain is one of my favourite things to do. I completed my PDC a few years ago and now tutor the Zone 1 module locally as part of a modular PDC course. I love sharing what I know and also having others share with me – there is so much to learn and try – you will see that I am always keen to try ideas that make me garden smarter and increase the yield – for me, insects, animals…

I  share my corner with some sheep, plenty of chickens and many wild birds and insects. I grow more than enough food for my family and friends and cannot seem to stop increasing my harvest … so Kim’s Kai has evolved …

Happy gardening and eating everyone!!


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