Can you believe it?

Chickens in their new domeSo, for some time now I have been getting 1, maybe 2 eggs, but usually none from my chickens. Which is fair as it has been a really cold winter.

Now to make a short story really long… yesterday my new chicken dome was ready to go – in place, operational door, canvas cover, roost – the result? Me = super excited!! Step 1, I locked all the chickens in my chicken run and then using food caught the ones I wanted in the dome one by one. Needless to say they was some pkarking and flying feathers.  After all the drama I thought, oh well there go the few eggs I was getting.

This morning I head out bright and early to feed chickens and see how they are enjoying their new dome. And… as a thank you present and a “we love our new home” token – there are 3 eggs in the lawn catcher nest box!!!  By tonight I had another 2 in the dome and 3 in the chicken run from the other chickens!! Omelet anyone??

In other news my cauli finally has a teeny, tiny head and my kale is still going strong!!


Have an eggscellent day everyone!!


Good morning, afternoon or evening fellow gardeners, permaculturists and food lovers!!

Bringing the summer garden inside.

Bringing the summer garden inside.

I am so pleased you are reading this!  The flowers are just for you.

So, a little about me: I own/care for just over an acre of land in rural NZ and have been in this particular spot for just over 12 years. I am an avid gardener, permaculturist and love eating fresh, organic, delicious food straight from my garden.

Why am I doing this: after being inspired by all you fellow bloggers who have shared photos, ideas and advice about your gardens…this is my attempt to return the favour. I hope you find something that piques your interest, inspires you or just makes you smile.

Next post: a bit more about my place